Abwasserverband Starnberger See

The quality of life on the lake - That is what we work for!

Norbert Impelmann, Director

We are aware of our responsibility. We maintain the delicate balance between nature and people, and between environmental protection and the needs of a coveted settlement area. The use of the lake for fishing and tourism and the high quality of living in our member communities can only be guaranteed if wastewater is kept out of the lake. That’s what we do.

Sustainability is our top priority. Only joint planning assures security for all. We use synergy effects with our members and take timely action where matters of sewage are concerned, to reduce the costs and be worthwhile for our citizens. We invest at the right time and with good judgment to ensure reliable calculations and stable fees!

Abwasserverband Starnberger See
Lebensqualität am See - Abwasserverband Starnberger See

Starnberger See

Am Schloßhölzl 25
82319 Starnberg
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