Abwasserverband Starnberger See

Giving young people opportunities

The wastewater association is not only an employer, but also a training company. That is something we are proud of. Because we take our social responsibility seriously. Among other things, we train technical specialists for sewage technology (wastewater treatment plant and sewer) and wastewater masters.

On this page you will find an overview of all open traineeships.

If just no positions are currently available, please send us an unsolicited application.

What is behind training to become a specialist for wastewater engineering?
Here is a film for better understanding:

Specialist for wastewater engineering


Want to check us out?

With us, students can nose around the sewage world. We regularly offer internships. Ideal for a first impression of the exciting professions, to get an internship certificate or simply to bridge the transition between school and vocational training. Internships are available in the laboratory, in the WWTP (wastewater treatment), in sewer maintenance and in land drainage.

Abwasserverband Starnberger See
Lebensqualität am See - Abwasserverband Starnberger See

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