Abwasserverband Starnberger See

Modern wastewater treatment ensures the quality of life

The association has been providing for the quality of life on Lake Starnberg since 1964. The sewage treatment plant, including the western collectors, went into operation in 1971; five years later, the entire ring sewer was complete.

Facing the future together:

2014 we the local sewers of our eight member communities were transferred to our care, saving municipalities time and money – for the benefit of their citizens. We have a highly efficient infrastructure at our disposal. A 600 km sewer system, 90 pumping stations, plus the modern sewage treatment plant make it possible for the association to fulfill its statutory mandate for the expansion and maintenance of the sewer system. For the benefit of the lake and the people who come here to live, work and relax.

Modern technology ensures the quality of life

Abwasserverband Starnberger See
Lebensqualität am See - Abwasserverband Starnberger See

Starnberger See

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